Special morning. We expected many students, but not over 30. Yes, we had Romanian, Slovakian, Hungarian and Netherlanders vitiors on Thursday morning and we spend few hours with them. Prepare a program, wich included presentations and games.
Everything starts with our coordinator welcome speech, then our colleagues, Andy and Peter had their presentations about EVS experiences. They were both a volunteers before. Andy in Croatia, Peter in Spain. Their speeches were very nice and catchy. I enjoyed it a lot.
And our time came as well. We have been introdused to our audience, said some words about ourselves, who we are and what are we doing here.

Break followed. 20 minuts of time out concluded quickly. Our program continued.
We played "chair game". Many students were interested, so many of them joined. This game was successful. I am very glad. Meanwhile, Ana had her creative activities and Daniel played fotball. Andy and Peter took care about students with puzzle game.
And that is how our program ended. But they didn´t want to leave. We played table fotball with them, also ping pong, or just talked. These 4 hours run very fast. *A*