Our colleagues prepare a surprise for us. Celebration.
It is not that long time ago, just few days we have been in Debrecen and join 20. EVS anniversary celebration. Well, now. Another one. This time we celebrated ourselfs. I had Birthday 10th of June, Ana 14th of May. Well, Daniel little bit earlier, 26th of March, but he received birthday gift too. Our birthday presents are cups with our names on it. Something I did not expect at all. Who had this idea? Brilliant idea. And I thank You again, our Humannet Alapitvány hosts.

And that is not all. We received also little chocolates - Hungarian original chocolate, just day before. 
 Our long day upcoming. Tomorrow. We will have exchange visitors from many countries. Stay tune, we are preparing programs for them.
See you soon, take care, have fun, enjoy your day and so on.