Since Summer starts we decided to create a new activity. I don´t even remember from wich head this idea comes from, but it was brilliant idea. Nowadays, every Wednesday we meet each other in the biggest room in our Community House. Well, what are these events about?
Practicing English. Everytime there is a different main subject we talk about.
Our first club meeting visit more then 10 people and subject was - Movies. Andi, the Leader of this club that day prepared few questions for us. Our task was to answer best as we can in front of everybody. Someone may have be nervous in these situations. Lets say it will also improve your communication skills. In second half we played a game. Everybody picked his own paper with name of some famous movie on it. Point was make others find out what movie it is without tell anything about - Wich actors are playing in this movie, who is director and, of course, the Name of a movie.
My movie was Home Alone. Everybody knew.

Last English club? TV. We talked about our favorite series. Then we had to explained why exactly we like this series and who is our favourite character. We heard names like - Game of thrones and Silicon Valleyand The Flash also. In those moments John Snow had the biggest following popularity, but characters of second series nobody knew. (I saw only one episode) In second half of meeting we played a game. The game was based on hungarian show called - Beugró . Do you know this show? I never heard about it, but it was funny, actually: Duo choose a papers with situations they have to play. Point is, you don´t know anything about next steps, but still don´t deflect from Topic.You have to improvising a lot and being focused on person with who you are talking to. Example:
I played a pilot and Daniel copilot. We saw UFO in the sky and our converstation became an argue if we should tell the people or keep it in secret. Peter prepared it very thoroughly.
 Next English club Leader will be Barbara. What will be next topic? I am already curious. *A*