Me, János, Szabolcs and Attila spend a day on hiking trip in Slovakia. Just us 4. Well, Ana really wanted to join, but our mentor said this trip is moved on direffent date. Misunderstanding only. Hahah, but no need to be sad, because she bought 2 days ticket for Campus Fesztivál in Debrecen that day. Maybe she will let you know about this experience soon, she really enjoyed it.
Meanwhile I was in north part of Slovakia. Our meetup was at 4 a.m., very early. But at least I wasn´t the one who had to drive. After 4 hours in car we appear in paradise. Beautiful nature everywhere you look. Very beautiful place. But I think the photos I made that day will tell you more.
The Top of a mountain we hiked (and climbed too) is called Kriváň - 2 495 m.
Don´t ask me if I would repeat this trip. NO. It was wonderful, but I am glad I stayed alive. It was very difficult to me, someone who is not hiking regularly. On way back I asked myself (all way down) how can I did it?! Impossible. But it worth it.