On Wednesday, June 8, Ana and I went to school with Andrea to the Móricz Zsigmond Gimnázium in Ibrány. We were there with other volunteers and workers Köz-Pont Ifjúsági Egyesület. We went to a class to talk about the EVS project, as they went to another. At 7:30 we entered. Once inside the classroom, we present and Andrea started talking about the EVS and on our organization, then it was my turn and Ana. We were talking about why we chose to do this volunteer work, in this country and why this project. We also talked about our experience in a new country and as is our life now. Then, we have answered some questions related to the above and I think we have achieved that students take an interest in the EVS project and some of them consider it as an option for the future.
After class we gather in the hall with the guys from the other Organization and all students. There we made a quiz game and giving away gifts for students matched more questions. After we collected the material and after saying goodbye, went back to the organization.

The second day, on Thursday, June 9, we accompanied Papp Andrea to another city, Záhony, where we visited the school Kandó Kálmán Közlekedési Szakközépiskola and also met with the guys from Köz-Pont Ifjúsági Egyesület. at this time students from two classes in a classroom were together and joined to the presentation and entered the classroom at 9:30. Volunteers began another organization explaining the process to make a European volunteer and as well as its structure. Then we started talking about our organization, about our project and our experience with European volunteering. I think we managed to catch the attention of as many people as the day before, because there were too many students in a context where more easily distracted. When we finished we attended the questions of some students individually and responded to their concerns about the program.
After a short break, we started with the quiz game and the distribution of gifts to the best contestants, so we get more dynamic presentation and encourage students. After this we distribute information material and said goodbye.

Finally, on Tuesday, June 14 we visited the city of Tiszavasvári with Peter, to make the presentation at school Váci Mihály Gimnázium. There we met with the head of Köz-Pont Ifjúsági Egyesület (János), and some workers of the organization. This has also been a joined presentation of the two organizations from 11:30 until 12:15. In this case it was János who has made an extensive presentation about EVS, reporting all the details. Then we went Ana and I who talked about us and our experience in the short time we had. In this case we not only have had some personal questions and János took to answer all administrative matters. After this we distribute information material ended our adventure by collageues reporting on the EVS.

I think this has been a good experience for volunteers like us who helped us learn to speak in public and also in English. It has been interesting to share our experiences with youth who may be interested in such projects like ours and it is good news that can access this information early. I wish I'd had too.

By Daniel Riveiro