On Friday, 17th of June, five of us went to Debrecen to celebrate 20 years of EVS program. Us 3 - Me, Ana and Daniel, together with our supervisor and our coordinator.We woke up very early, because this celebration was in the morning. We had a lecture about a volunteering, little talking about the history and then, the most important thing every celebration should has - CAKE. I dont know who made it, but it was very tasty. People were sure, this cake is not big enough for all of us, but ... Luckily, everybody had his piece. 
This special occasion was organized by Köz-Pont Ifjúsági Egyesület. Thank you.
It all happend in Youth center, called Ifjúsági Ház, where you can enter everytime you want, for example to play table football for free, join dance lessons, and music lessons. They offer drums lessons, guitar and also singing classes. And many other activities. And at a photo you can see a wall with History of Music. Its a very huge wall, I had to take a picture from the stairs. Something I really appreciate. I love music. When you click at the photo you can read it very well.
I stayed in Debrecen all day with other volunteers from organization Mustárház IITI. 10 people and me went around a flowers market. And I just cannot resist. I bought Lily flower. It is on my balcony right now, right next to Mint. I hope they are friends. :)

After break we searched for a nice place where we can eat. We end up at Kossuth Tér and there we watched fotball match. Italy vs. Sweden. In Mustárház organization are many Italian volunteers, what a joy was when Italy win.
I am Zlatan Ibrahimovič´s fan, he played very well. Like always.

Daniel will post his article about his and Ana´s days in schools, when they talked about EVS, Very soon. 

With love, Andy.