Arrival training in Budapest

Hi there. :) Its me, Andy again. I promised you to share a recipe, right?
Today I will continue with recounting you our week in Capital city.

Wednesday: In this beautiful local store we cooked a dinner for us.

1st meal was: Asparagus with cheese.

- Place a dough in the pan - Prebake it for 10 mins
- Fill with besamel (300g of butter + milk + flour)
- Put asparagus in it
- Put graded cheese at the top
Bake it for 20 mins

And with salad it looks like this:

I never had this before. I was pleasantly surprised. Very tasty food.

2nd meal. The Main - We had a potatoes with a meat balls.
And now. Look at this dessert. Strawberry misu.
Do u know how to make a tiramisu? It is a same. Just without coffe.
And I was in a group who made this dessert. Thank you Suzanne for sending me this photo.
You know, I was busy making it.

On Thursday we practised communication skills. Not just verbal, but mostly nonverbal.
 Our task was to stand in front of a person and copying him or her.
It was difficult for me being leaded by someone, just follow.
My partner had opposite problem.
Haha :)

After dinner I went to a hotel pool. I didn´t swim of course. I am to crazy for this.
We tried to run in a water, we raced, and did a saults and loops and so on.
Then I working out a bit and maked pirouettes. Better then just swimming, right?

Then we played a table fotball and went to a party.
It was a very long party. I slept just 4 hours, but it worth it.
And I even find a time for a draw a tree as well.

Friday was our last day there. One of a task was being in a group of 5 people. One person was turn from a circle away a bit and listened a "gossips". But we had to speak just a nice and good things about him/her. Means just a things we like about the person. For example: Hair, behaviour, voice.

Next activity was to talk about our future. When we see ourselfs in 1 year.
Everybody met an awesome people, had a lots of experiences and raiced their talents.
And, in my opinion, this is what EVS is about. Learning.
Thank you. And see you soon. *A*