Arrival Traning in Budapest

9th of May (Monday) - 13th of May (Friday) 2016
We spent 5 days in Capital city. I will remember these dates for a rest of my life.
Why? Because this is not happening everyday. Isnt it? :)
These moments, these experiences and these friendships with a lot of people.
We received a lot in just 5 days.
Not just me thinking, we wanted to stay there a little bit longer.
Right now I will tell you more about this week.

We woke up very early. At 6 am and spent 3hours in train, so we just looked somehow like this all jorney:

 Frist think You need to do when you will arrive to awesome hotel, take a photo of a view
from your window. Checked. :) 
If you are insterested, Hotel is called CEO and adress is: Kerepesi 87.

Second think is to look around and find out what u can do there. I found a pool. Checked.
Dining room, very important place. And of course the Room when our training its gonna be in.

Activities: Our first Day. Monday started with Lunch. I was very hungry.
Our program begun at 13:30. Our Mentors arrived a day before. They also had a training.
First day we had activities with them and for get to know each other.
We danced and play a games. In a group of 4 people we created a short story.
Actually a tale. Me and my Mentor, Barbara was in a same group with me.

Our Tale was very funny. About a King and Queen who were very sad, beause they didnt
have a heir for a throne. Barbara played a good witch.
I was a Gueen. I went to her place for an advice. But she used her magic to get me pregnant.
And here the story ends. We had our Crown prince all kingdom were very happy.
Actually we created this story, because in our group were 2 Spanish people and me.
If you remember, and I hope u do, I am from Czech Republic.
Spain is still a monarchy and this story happen in our old czech legend.
We put it together and here it was.

Next days we had a program - Learn to learn. Out task was to Go to the city.
In a group of 4 people we went to see a Parlament. In front of this we do interviews with people.
This quest actually meant to show others what we see in EVS and what it means for us.

We decided to speak with Hungarian people. Random ones. In a streets and ask them about
their culture. Theis advices for a foreigners, what to see and do in their land.

EVS is leaving your comfort zone. Are u brave enought?
To talk with strangers in the streets and talk with them?
It was somethin we never did before.
Natalie (volunteer from Spain) maked a very nice video and posted it at our private Facebook page.

Parlament. In a day and night. Very huge building. 
Wednesday night. We had a meeting at 18h. And now listen carefully.
It was a Gastro dinner. In a very small and beautiful Local store with just local ingredients.
And funniest think was, we Cooked this dinner ourselfs.
I think this article is already very long :) So i will make a Part 2.
Haha. Yes. In next one you will know what we cooked and i will share a recipe with you.
See u tomorow. *A*