Hello Everyone. I am Szabolcs from Romania. I was a volunteer at Human-Net in 2015. I had the pleasure to meet the new volunteers of 2016. I am very happy. The aim of this blog is to answer a question from Andy, one of the new volunteer. In December 2015 I wrote my last blog (Last week of the EVS is the title). In that blog I mentioned that I will come back with some feelings, views, impressions about the 8 month period. So here I am. Thank you again Andy for reminding me. I always come back here with pleasure.

I also had the opportunity yesterday to give an interview to Andy concerning my EVS period. Thanks again Andy :) . What I didn't mention is that EVS is also about personal knowledge and personal decision. When you are an EVS volunteer, or you are involved in something similar, every day you have to make the decision to do something, to do the hard things in order to develop. You can spend your time with just hanging around, doing mostly nothing, but this attitude won't give anything good. It's very important to think in large perspectives, because what you do in EVS can be a simulation of real time work in the future. That's why it's very important to evaluate yourself time to time and see how you are doing.

A second idea that comes to my mind is what happens after EVS.
Basically you have here two options I think: you can say ok EVS is finished, back to the old ways, or you can say, a period has ended, what did I learn? how can use the negative and positive things? .
Almost day by day I rethink this, and ask myself : do I want to use my EVS experience in the future?

It would be too bad if I didn't use it and sad........What do you think dear reader?