Me and Daniel arrived 1st of May, Sunday. Ana on Tuesday night 2nd of May.
Our task for frist week was only adapt to new culture and look around.
And what we did?

1st Of May we unpacked our luggages and cooked a very tasty dinner.
Daniel did it his way. Chicken with garlic and potatos in Spanish style. I never eat it like this.
Next day he cooked spaghetti with bologna sause. I think he actually likes cooking.
Good news for me, He can teach me. :)

3rd Of May we visit a Community House for a first time. This is the place where we will work.
And instantly joined to activity. We maded a very beautiful flowers by clay. And much more.

I was very proud of myself. And had to send it to my family members to let them know
how creative we are. Everybody liked it and wanted to know how to do it.
Want to know how to make it?

4th of May was a very nice day. Us 3, volunteers and 2 students. Edina and Renáta shows us the city.
Weather was on our side. Sunny and warm - enough to enjoy this walk even more.
Nyíregyháza is very beautiful city, very clean with many colorfull buildings.

 5th Of May. This day we spent on the road. :)
Farms roads. With our Mentor, Barbara´s colleague (I dont remember his name).
He said his job doesn´t have english version.
Basically - He is delivering meals to people. For example to old people.
Or people who are too busy working on the farms.

These people we met were very kind. They showed us their farm and what they have.
Potatoes, and also orchard (fruits trees). Very friendly dog and puppy.
Oh oh, and only 5 days old chickens. ♥

6th of May

This day I enjoyed a lot. Közösségi park wasn´t built yet, so we had a chance to take a look
at park before it was finished.

 Here you can read some more information about this park:
(In Hungarian, local news)

Then we grabed our bikes we received from our organization and visit a very beautiful place,
I am sure I will visit again. And its called - Sóstó.
This Dont need words. Just take a look at photos and make your own opinion.
Isn´t it a place you would like to visit as well?

 These flowers wanted to be photographed and published

I need to tell you. :) We feeded a fishes. Very cute and little lobsters. It was funny. :D
They liked our bread a lot.
Then, another amazing surprise came. :) Duck Mom with her 5 little babies.

Thank you very much for your time.
Our next Part will be about our Arrival Training in Budapest.
Look forward, because It was very usefull week.