Sunday 15th of May.

Me, Peter, Andrea and Ana went to visit small town near by Nyíregyháza.
This town has very beautiful houses with big gardens.
At the main square in centre they has a big statue of a King at his horse.
Unfortunately for a photo wasn´t weather. Was to cloudy and rainy.

But, I think, we have somethin more interesting. A Puppies.
Peter choose one little boy and named him Shelby.
Babies are just 3 weeks old and still need to stay with their mother, means Peter get his baby in a month. He can´t wait to has him home. And here he is:

 3 cute puppies, but here is my hero.

Well, On Monday Daniel and Ana visit Scanzen. People here celebrating Whitsun Day.
50 days after Easter. And as our Mentor says:
"To celebrate this there is a programme, festival in the open air museum in Sóstó. This is a village museum where you can see old houses which were typical in this region.
There will be a lot of programmes: Hungarian folk dance, competitions, and you can see the Hungarian traditions connected to this holiday."
 Daniel made very nice photos. He tasted delicious Langos, he said. With milk cream, he guess.
Never try this before, but really liked it. It means for me, I need to taste some local langos soon as well. :)
Old traditional buildings and lifes includes old alphabet. And at last photo you can see hut, where people stocking instruments for work.

On Thursday 19th of May We had our first Hungarian Lesson.
Well, what can I say. This language is somethin new for me and its really hard. Even we lean just a basic and common thinks like - colors, fruits and vegetables.
I dont remember anything. Haha