Day before yesterday was very special. Because Szabolcs add me on Facebook.
And we start to talk. Then I get an idea to interview him. And he agreed.
He already has that experiences of EVS project, so I was interested in asking him few questions to let us, begginers know, what is up to being a part of such a thing.
Thank you very much Szabolcs for sharing your feels and opinions with us.
Enjoy the interview. *A*
  1. I am sure, many people who is thinking to join EVS right now want to know how this volunteering process works. Let us know what this experience means to you.
How the process work I think you already know. This EVS experience for me meant that I discovered new opportunities I didn’t know before. I tried myself as a teacher and as an event organizer. I didn’t do these kind of jobs before. When I finished my project, in January, my sending organization gave me the opportunity to join a youth exchange in Slovenia. It was awesome, in December I could have had the chance to go to Morocco for a youth exchange but unfortunately I didn’t have a passport. Since February I have a passport, so I am prepared to go anywhere .

2. EVS is also about travelling and see new places. How many countries you visit or you were travell just in Hungary?
I travelled just in Hungary. I could have gone to Ukraine with Human-Net, but I had the same problem, no passport. Since that incident I learned the lesson. Now I have a passport valid for 10 years. 

3. I think your project was about creating activities for a children, am I right? Can you tell us more about this work?

Just partially, indeed we created activities for kids, but not just this. Beside this we had our own individual activities. I taught English and French for high school pupils and adults. Since I knew Hungarian, I had beginner groups, where I explained the grammar in Hungarian as well. I also taught English for a few Human-Net workers as well at Körte Street. The guitar class was also my task, I was the only teaching that to kids.

4. Your hobby is playing a guitar. What about your guitar lessons, did you enjoyed? Are your still playing?
I enjoyed at the beginning, unfortunately the persons to whom I taught didn’t have the talent to learn it. I had others who were doing good, but job issues and lack of time stopped them in the learning process.
Of course I am still playing. I play in local band here in Romania. My band missed me, and kept asking, when are you coming back, we need you. If you want, I can send you some songs we play.

Kiskoral band will perform at Válts Irányt festival in Sovata this Summer
5. Will you agree with me, if I will say teaching something you love is much easier then something you have to teach? (And why?)

Totally agree. You have to decide on your own what you want to do. But there are times when you have to do things you don’t like in order to get to the things you like doing. I think when you need to do something, you have to make is easy for yourself.

6. U spent 8 months in Nyíregyháza. What about your hungarian language level? Are you fluent speaker now?

I spoke Hungarian before I came to Nyiregyhaza. I grew up in Transylvania, in this part of Romania many people know Hungarian and many Hungarians live here. I just speak a different dialect, and use different words and I use different grammar. Because of this I had many misunderstandings. Few colleagues were surprised when heard I speak their language.

7. What are you doing now? Are you thinking about continue with volunteering work again?

I am involved in a few translations projects, I attend youth exchanges, this weekend I m going to Gheorgheni (city in Romania). Here I am going to be an assistant trainer. It will be a training for high school students about the local elections coming in June. I applied for a job on a cruise ship, till now that is in standby.

8. Your last post in this blog was at 3rd of December 2015. You wrote you will share your feelings about EVS in another blog. Where we can find this article?

Good question, I have to be honest, I didn’t write that blog. Since you mentioned it, I want to write this blog and you can read it.

Thank your very much again and of course you can write this blog.
See you soon. *A*