Hi :) Its me again. How are you? I hope you had a great weekend.
This weekend were very nice for me. I went to Debrecen for 2 and half days. I took a lot of pictures, but you will see just the most beautiful ones, of course.

P.S. I never see that before. Trams ejecting stairs. Means it easier to walk out and get in the tram. It is more close to sidewalk, its brilliant. Genius idea. I think, if it will be everywhere like this, it will resolve many problems. Sometimes you see old people get to a tram and its very hard for them to "climb" those stairs. Same with children, their legs are still just to short. Better then in My country or actually, everywhere else. Maybe it works like this in all Hungarian cities, might be, because in Budapest I travelled by buses only.
   We arrived on Friday night. Went to a party, danced a bit and played table football.
Saturday were way better, because It wasn´t that cold anymore. Very good weather, sunny and warm. Exactly how I like it the most. And maybe that is why I enjoyed this city even more.
There are many fontains. Like everywhere. I am serious. This weekend I saw at least 7 different ones. And I was just in city center. Oh, And saw a University of Debrecen. (A Debreceni Egyetem)
In front of this main huge building they have a wonderfull fontain with many statues. And If you will check the photo carefully, you can see a rainbow. Do you see it?

 Look - a Fontain. In a park. This park is amazing, with fishes in water. Trail for a bikes. And most important, WC (Toilets) are free.
In Kossuth Square you can spend all day and dont get bored. Many people in all ages, many children playing, tasty ice cream and, wait for it: fountains. Oh, and a Great church. Photo from Friday night.
On Sunday, me and my boyfriend went to a trip to Debrecen Forest by bikes. Forest is clean, near by is a Zoo. You can see some animals behind a fence from main road as well, if you dont want to pay gate-money.