and I am a Human Net Foundation Volunteer for next 6 months.
I am from Czech Republic.
 I love dance, I love children and animals, reading books and listening music.
Nice to meet you. ♥ Oh, and I love eating.

It is 2 weeks already, me and my new roomates arrived.
Daniel and Ana Maria, both from Spain. And Us 3 will work in Cummunity House,
where We will create activities for kids.
First week was about meeting a city and a work place.
Second week we have been in Budapest on Arrival training.

But more about our experiences, photos and enjoyments in these first 2 weeks, you will see tomorow.
Just because I decided to let you wait for a while.
I hope you are uptight right now and can´t wait what is coming.
See u soon and have a great evening.