Yesterday I arrived to Târgu-Mureș, my hometown. The EVS project ended on the 30 th of November.
I spent 8 months , and now I am evaluating this period and trying to draw a conclusion. Many things come to my mind, positive and negative. This is the moment when I  think back to the moment when I said yes to this project, and now I am rethinking the reasons why I accepted the challenge.
On the last Friday we had lunch together with the colleagues. Each of us shared their memories, experiences, it was a great lunch together.
My last visit in Nyíregyháza was to the local Zoo. It was a charity day, the entrance was cheaper and there was the possibility to donate.Although it rained, it was a great day, I saw very rare specie.
 And very known species......:)
I said goodbye to my new friend in Nyiregyhaza with the hope that we will see each other again. Nyiregyhaza is not that far from Romania, I think we can arrange a meeting in Hungary or in Romania.
These are my thoughts for now, many things come to my mind but I will share those thoughts in another blog.
Have a nice evening dear blog reader :)