It's time to travel!

As a person who loves to travel, It's was a long time since I've been somewhere. So, last week I packed my bag, bought a train ticket and decided to explore other country with my two friends.

We visited Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia!.

The city is great!. We stayed there 3 days with one man from He was nice, and patience with our craziness!.

In my opinion I felt that the city is small compared with others, but doesn't mean less beautiful. 

One thing that I realized, is that when you walk around the city, you can see a lot of funny statues, like Chumyl! (not sure the name is written like that). It's a worker that comes out from the drain and lazy around looking at the girls passing by. The statue is there as a joke, and became one of the most photographed in the city. 

Another one that I like is the soldier of Napoleon. When the army of Napoleon passed by the city, one soldier decided to stay and the reason of course a woman!. He became a trader and famous there, and lived until the end of his years. 

Another recommendation to visit is the St Martin's Cathedral. Is the only church or cathedral where you can enter when there is not a ceremony and is really cheap. It served as the coronation church of the Kingdom of Hungary between 1563 and 1830.

Of course between our walks and exploring, we restored our energy in amazing pubs and restaurants.

The food is delicious! And the best part, they put bacon and goat cheese in everything!
And also the decoration of the pubs were awesome. We’ve been in KGB pub with a lot of pictures and objects from the communist era and also in “Narnia pub”, it has coats hanging from the roof and paintings from the movie. 

I had an amazing time there, specially because my company was the best!

But my week didn’t end there.

To go and come back from Bratislava, we first need to stop in Budapest. Therefore, during the weekend we enjoyed our time there.
On Friday, we met with our friends from there. Pauline and me stayed with Maxim (I don’t know if you remember, but he is the guy who came to Nyiregyhaza to see the organization ant the city) We has so nice with us, even though he had to work a lot! We had a drink with another friend, but just a little bit because Saturday was a special day for me…

We went to Heroe’s Square to see some pumpkins that families crawled expose for the people to see. Some of them were scary, other funny…but all of them were great!.
And then, the night just begun!

At the beginning, we went to Moricon 2. It’s a pub-club with different rooms and music!. We danced there, and we met new people who joined us to dance!. The most amazing part was that in the club the DJ put a song when it was close to my birthday!

We left the club and started to search for another place to be before midnight. My mission was to have a drink for my birthday. We ran a lot screaming, “we need tequila” in the street of Budapest.
Finally we found a small little pub. And there we met with more people from different countries!. Of course, we had to end the night dancing again!.
My birthday was perfect.