This week I had the chance to visit a famous castle in a small city called Vaja.
Vaja is located in the eastern part of Hungary, close to the Ukrainian border. The castle is famous for many reasons. One of the reason is that in this castle lived and worked for a period of time Prince Rakoczi Ferenc. Rakoczi was the last person who ruled in Transylvania as a prince.He started an independent war against the Habsburg Empire, this independent war failed, and for this reason Rakoczi had to leave Transylvania and live in exile. He died in Rodosto( city in Turkey). The castle contains many personal belongings of Rakoczi. I was amazed by the furniture cherished in this castle.As you can see on the photo below, the furniture is in perfect shape. The people who worked in this castle knew how to cherish furniture from the 18 th century.
It s amazing how the details on this furniture is worked out, we can see that back in that time there where very good craftman. Below another furniture in his original color. The paintings are also valuable, many of them are portraits of Prince Rakoczi and his family painted back in that time.
Another great thing I saw is the view from the church tower.The church itself  is a historical monument, if the fog would have been gone, I could have seen the Carpathian mountains.
It was a great day for me, it was worth the effort getting there.