The last two weeks brought many interesting events. Concerts in the city center, cultural events in other parts of the city. Human-Net Foundation participated in on of the events called Civilian's Night. For me this was a great experience. It was something new for me.The vice major of the city opened the event, after that Szabolcs countrie's best voice sang a song from Adele.
We as volunteers prepared traditional food from our country. We made several games for the visitors, and we prepared also a music corner for those who want try out an instrument.
The game corner was very useful, people had to search for different words put on color papers and hang on the wall. This was the participants could learn an expression in 6 different languages.

Two high school students helped me at the music corner, and we played some popular song. The audience loved the singing, the kids tried out some instruments.

There where also other activities as well, like international corner, where people could taste some Romanian and Spanish foods.
Another corner presented the life of former volunteers who lived in Croatia, Georgia and Spain. This corner I think was the most popular.
It was a great privilege to have a vice major at our event. He opened this event with a memorable speech as I mentioned earlier in this blog.
That is all for this blog. This is what I wanted to share for now.