I love to learn new cultures, specially form Hungary (After all, It’s where I live right now) but this time it was my turn to show about different cultures. And I chose the topic Halloween to do it!

For English class, I explained different traditions that the kids do, like “Trick or treat” or cutting the pumpkin.

For Spanish class, I told about “Día de los muertos” in Mexico. I think this festivity and their traditions are fascinated and I wanted to show it to my students. Also, I painted the face of the girls, and they really enjoyed that part of the class.

By the way, I have new students, for Spanish and English.

This Saturday, Andrea and me went to Debrecen. I visited an organization and did a presentation about Spain. It’s a multicultural organization, the members are families with different culture. There were people from Africa that came here more than 20 years ago!.

They were so nice with me, tried to make me comfortable and paid attention to all I was saying and explaining. I cooked a typical dish from my Region, “magra con tomate”. It was my first time doing it, so I was afraid It wouldn’t be good or they wouldn’t like it. But on the contrary they loved it, and even ate two plates of my dish!.

My friends always make fun of me, because I had to come to Hungary to learn how to cook typical Spanish dish. 

Finally, we have a new Erasmus student. Her name is Kristiina and she is from Finland. With her we went back to the newspaper “Kelet” for another interview. This time I wasn’t so nervous like the first time…well, maybe a little. Still, it was nice to talk about our live here in Nyiregyhaza after more than 6 months.

And finally, It happened two weeks ago, but I forgot to mention it. I did an International dinner in my flat!. Each volunteer cooked something typical dish from his or her country to share. We had some problems with the space, because my flat is small, but still it was great and we had a lot of fun.