Right now I'm laying around doing nothing and only stand up when the nature calls.
In my defense, last week was crazy and exhausted and I need to recover it.

 But let me explain: The 10th of October, "Human-Net" organized a "Civil Night" in the Community House.
We thought of a lot of activities for the people to enjoy.
As the date approached, we were busier and busier, because we also had our daily task.

In my case, I decided to do an "escape room". It's a game where I locked the players in a room and they had to solve some clues and find the key to go out. I found a story on Internet about a diary that a little girl wrote about her "imaginary" friend and decided to follow this horror topic.
Monika and Andrea, two workers, gave me some old creepy toys to decorate the room. And also I put some sound effect to make it more realistic.

The result of it was better than I imagined, and I think the people enjoyed it!
My only disappointment was that I made it too easy, so next time will be much harder!

The Civil night was great. There was a lot of different "corners": music corner were anyone could grab an instrument and play, "art corner" to paint and be creative, "international dinner" with different dishes (I cooked typical spanish dish called "Salmorejo" and no one got poisoned!!! My mom would be so proud) and more.

On Friday I learn a new Hungarian Traditions in a High School, "Szalagavato". The students from last year celebrate an event, like the "starting of the last year of high school" (or so the people explained to me). Thanks to my friend Pauline, I could accompany her to this celebration in Kossuth High School. It started first with a ceremony in a church (It’s a religious school), where the teachers put a ribbon to the students indicating the year when they started and the class. After that, each class prepared dance shows for the guests. What I found most surprising is the dresses. The girls wore a princess white dress, like a wedding dress. Apparently, this is typical for this event and important for them the wear it.

Was a busy week, and after renew my energy I’m ready for another one!.