Often, when I meet someone new and talk a little bit about myself, the people ask me: but what you exactly do?
I think It's time to answer that question.

I have to admit, the first month I didn't know what to say. But slowly I found my place in the organisation, and somehow started to teach

Before coming here I didn't have a clue how to teach, and specially with kids. I was so nervous with my first classes: what to do? what to say? I'm saying something stupid? I kept thinking that.
But as the days passed, I gained more confidence and started to enjoy the time with my "students".
Concretely, I have: English conversation class, Spanish classes and Russian.

But nowadays one problem that I face is: what to do for the classes? The students always come after the school tired without energy, and I'm not a real teacher so I try sometimes to do fun activities.
Some examples of what we did:

I taught food vocabulary, kitchen supplies and some verbs in Spanish. After that,we read a recipe in spanish and did it!
The results: amazing cookies lollipops!

For english, we wrote some cool sentences and after we put them on a T-shirt. I never did that before, so it was an experiment that turn out okay. 

Of course, I also do proper classes, teaching grammar and vocabulary....But having fun sometimes is also good.