The week started as usual...or so I though

On Tuesday we had a guest from Budapest!. He is an EVS volunteer in the organisation Phiren Amenca.

He stayed for three days. He saw our Community House and our tasks, he even played with the kids who came here. We also showed him Huzarvard: about how the people live there and what the organisation does to help them and how it work.

Of course, we also had some fun time. I tried to cook spanish dishes. And I'm proud, because It wasn't that bad (at least all of us are alive after eating it), We also went out, showed him the city and specially the pubs.
We spent good time, and I hope he enjoyed being with us.

And the week continued with a bike tour. With all the workers from the organization we ride around 30 km. I saw great landscapes and places to take pictures. My only problem was that my bike is not great for long distances and difficult roads. I was really tired after that, but the reward was the barbecue with meat, bacon, sausages and vegetables!. It was a great fatty day for me.

Saturday was Tirpák day. Is a festival that happens on 19 of September. And it's about the tradition and typical food from the region. It was great to enjoy and discover more about the city.

And finally Sunday. Although is my day to stay at home and rest, this day I had to go with the organisation to the "Free car day". I made tattoos to people and ended with a lot of glitter in my hand, but it was nice.