The last two weeks brought many events and activities. I went to Budapest for a few days, I applied for a Tv Show, but I didn't get in. As the proverb says, better luck next time. I visited many places in Budapest. One my favorite place is the Margit Island. On the Margit Island, there a famous fountain that sings every hour. This fountain was originally created by a Transylvanian inventor, and was in built in Tg Mures Romania.
In 1911, the fountain was removed from the city center of Tg Mures. In the 1930's the fountain was rebuilt here in Budapest. It was a great experience to see this fountain, I hope they will rebuild it in my hometown too.
Another thing that happened this week, we had a visitor from Budapest. A Ukrainian volunteer visited us from Budapest, and checked the Roma houses in Nyiregyhaza. He works specifically with Roma people. I found out many new things from him about Roma people in Ukraine.
Here in Nyiregyhaza our activities are going ok, we have a lot of students. We had to reschedule the classes, because school has started too.
In Nyiregyhaza many events take place, this weekend traditional dance and traditional occupations are presented in the city center.
Another good thing we did this weekend, was the bicycle tour near the city. I managed to see a few small villages around the city.It was a great day, we had a lot of fun.
We stopped at a small motel, where we had a coffee, checked the lake.