It's been a while since I wrote something. Why? Well....Because...

[Insert excuse here]

Anyway, I'm here to tell again my little adventure.

Let me start with the "Vidor festival". It starts at the end of August and it's amazing. During the day there is a lot of small concerts in the city, and performances in the streets. Suddenly Nyiregyhaza becomes so colorful and lively! When I walked around I didn't know where to look because I didn't want to miss anything.

And during the night there were big concerts,with important bands from all over the world!. There were bands from Italy, China, and even Colombia!

After the big concerts, you could enjoy yourself in the Vidor Garden. A special outdoor place where you can have a drink,talk with friends and listen live music. I was there almost every night dancing with my best friend. We danced for hours there during the nights, because we love it. The only problem is that the DJ had only one playlist with the same songs!. In the third day I knew all the songs and the order.
It was a crazy, fun week! I don't know how I had the energy for all the activities, but when the right company you can do anything!.

But! Apparently I didn't have enough with the vidor, that I wen back to Miskolc to the International Cinefest!. This festival is from 11 to 20 of September. During this days there is a lot of movies in their original language for free for the people to enjoy.
But, If it isn't enough with the movies, there is also a lot of activities and concerts.

I went on Saturday, with two french friends. During the afternoon we met with people from the French Alliance and we played petanque!. It was my first time. I cannot tell exactly the rules, they just told me: try to put the iron balls next to the small ones. It's more difficult than it looks!. Still, I had a lot of fun and I met with new people. At night we saw a concert from a famous hungarian band: Wellhello.

On the morning we saw a classic western movie: Once upon a time in the west. It's an old movie, but the quality has improved. I love it! So many starlings in the eyes,and the music...It was great!
In conclusion, again I spent a wonderful time with old and new friends.

This week we have a visitor from Budapest. But that's a story for next time!