Last week a special event has started at the Community House. The summer camp for kids has started. This is a special kind of camp. You don t take your tent, or you don t have to leave you city for this camp. This an easier alternative for kids to have fun, learn something, and in the same time be close to their parents.
We prepared a lot of activities for the kids, and tried to offer them as many useful alternatives as possible. 
We had film club, we had outdoor games, we sang with the kids, we thought them a very popular song from the Hungarian Kal├íka band, the song s name is Szalakota. 
The kids loved the singing, we even sang each kid s favorite song. With the singing we managed to create a good atmosphere. 
Another important activity that has started in our community house is the french club. Many young teenagers are interested in learning some basic french.

The English club has expended as well. More students want to practice English with us.The guitar class has also expended, I hope the new students will learn something about this instruments and will manage to play their favorite song.

Another thing is that we recently our neighbor comes over and spends some time with us.
It looks like , she likes our house, and sometime in the morning she even wakes me up, if my flatmate opens the main door. She likes to sit around, and doing nothing.