I'm back!

At the end of July I went back to Spain for holidays. I spent there ten days, going out with my friends and resting in the beach. And I could see my kitty!.
Still, it was really adventurous to get back to Nyiregyhaza. My plane landed at 00.00 in Budapest. So I went to the railway station near the airport.

Did you know that there isn’t a direct train from Budapest to Nyiregyhaza during the night? Because I did not.     

So I bought a ticket and on it was written to Nyiregyhaza. However, the strange thing is that the last stop of the train was Szolnok (or something like that) so I started to get nervous because I was completely alone with no one to ask. When the train arrived, I went to the controller and tried to speak to her. The answer was something in Hungarian and when she realized that I didn’t understand a single word she just push me inside the train. So again, I was completely alone inside the train, I didn’t know where I was going and my eyes were closing with lack of sleep. After a few minutes, the controller came back and explained to me (or so I understood) that I had to get out in Szolnok, and then wait for three hours for the next train to take me to Nyiregyhaza. My energy was at 0% when I reach Szolnok and the only empty place was one bench where the homeless people were. At that time, I didn’t care anymore so I just put my backpack as a pillow and slept with them. They were nice, they asked me if I was okay and I if I was cold. Finally, I reached my destination at 8.00 in the morning on Wednesday.

That day, I injected coffee in my veins (I drank many cups) and started my week!
There was a Summer Camps for kids! I met with them and played a little bit and even one of the girls asked me if I could be her friend.
And started again with my Spanish and Russian classes, with new students! It’s always nice to meet new faces.

On Friday I teach spanish to kids, we play some games and they asked me to teach them how to dance the song "seƱorita". Problem: I don't know how to dance. Still, we managed to dance something and have fun.

I’m continuing with my Hungarian lessons, but I’m not such a good student so I still don’t know much. But I will try harder.

During the weekend, I went with the organization to do some canoeing!. It was my first time doing it, and It’s more difficult than I expected. We were three people in one boat, and one woman was the “leader” and guided us. The problem: she doesn’t speak in English. At first was difficult, because she started to scream: “Asia Huzni!” And I screamed: “what the hell is Huzni?”, I realized it was “pull” but was too late; we crashed into some woods in the water. It was funny, and I learnt a lot of words.

Now I have a new hobby! I do Geocaching. Making it short: is like a treasure hunt. With some coordinates and clues, you have to search for the treasure. For more information, you can find it here.
With this game, I’m discovering more the city, so It’s really fun.
Attila and I found already four treasures! Some of them are difficult to find,  they can be inside a box, a tree…We found one inside a stone!