The last two weeks brought new events in Nyíregyháza. On the 20 th of August there was the national day of Hungary. In the city center there was a beautiful commemoration of Saint Stefan's day. King Stefan established Hungary's constitution and directed the country towards the western civilization. Declamations and with singing the Hungarian anthem was also part of the ceremony. The 20 th of august is not only Hungary's day, it is also Thanks Giving Day.
The city celebrates this day with traditional dance,
on this day the harvest is celebrated, and the bread is blessed.
It is a very significant day for the Hungarians.
Regarding our activities, we have expanded our groups. We have a new small group, this group learns English with us. In this group they are children between 9-12 ages.
They are very motivated to learn.
The french group is also going well, I have a new member in this group as well.
I am very grateful for the fact that we have pupils who attend all the language clubs ( English, French, Spanish), these pupils want to have a look at these languages and decide in the future which one would they study more profoundly.

 As you it seems, the days are  filled with activities. School starts next week, so we have to rearrange our schedule, and I think even more people will come for our activities.
The guitar classes are going well, I have 4 students, some of them are evolving , some of them are stagnating. Because of stagnation, I came up with a few disciplinary measures. Hopefully these measures will have effect.