This week I took a few days of and made a visit in my hometown. This week there was a lot of events in my town. At the end of August each year the Hungarian days are organized. During the Hungarian days, there were concerts, expositions, traditional foods, book publishers shew their offers, local Hungarian radio and TV stations promoted their shows. There where also actors who had the traditional renaissance dress, they where making interviews like that.
What I liked the most was the concerts. Many famous bands from Hungary made a very entertaining shows. One of my favorite band was Péterfy Bori & Love Band. They have two very known albums: “Hajolj bele a hajamba" and
“Vámpír”. They have a very unique style, I think they managed to bring back something from the 1930-1940s and mix it with 21 century music with the help of technology. The other think I like about them is that their lyrics remind me of some classic love poems and remind me of folk music. 

Besides this band, there were also other known bands like: InFusion Trio, Bagossy Brothers Company, Budapest Bár, Blue Project, Defender, The Pinwheels and many others. 
Another interesting event that took place this week was the Contemporary Art week at the Golden Rooster House. This event is dedicated to promote contemporary, postmodern music and drawings.
There were very interesting short films, music, and drawings. There drawings where you could have seen how is the world in the eye of a postmodern artist. As you can see on the picture below, this building is not in a very good shape at the moment. This building is called The Golden Rooster Restaurant. This was the city's best restaurant, it was very elegant, the interior had a neo-Baroque style. Today as the pictures shows, it is in a very bad shape, but now their is hope that the authorities will renovate the building. Another interesting thing about this building is that, it belonged to a Jewish entrepreneur. His name was Bürger Albert, he had a factory where he produced the very known Bürger beer. This house was his home till 1948, when the communist regime started the nationalization process,and took away the house. Starting from the 70 s till the beginning of 2000, the building had been a the famous Golden Rooster restaurant.

Another cool thing I did, was I meet with my former band mates, and we had a little chat and we sang. This the daughter of one of my band mate.  It was a week full of events, next week I am back on track and doing my tasks.