It looks like I’m never in Nyiregyhaza, but that’s not true…almost.

This week in the Community House was a bit chaotic.

Every Monday, Szabi and me we do an “English Club” in the New Generation Office. The participants of this Club are quite different: we have teachers, engineers, students…It’s fun. We try to make topics of conversation and some games.

Also, Xenia the new volunteer and our new flat mate joins to learn more English. Her English skills are not so good, and my Hungarian is still awful so it’s difficult for us to talk. Yet, she is improving a lot day by day, and we manage to have small little conversations.

Last Tuesday, we have visitors from Macedonia. Ten youngsters part of the Youth Exchange Program came for an opening event related to different types of professions. There was tables or “stands”: for police officers, human library, pastry making, media communication…and one for volunteering!
Yes! We had a table explaining about the EVS, what it’s mean to be a volunteer, what we do and also about our countries. The people were interesting, and listen what we said. And they share with us about their country.

There were also many police officers, and they prepared amazing activities. One of them was with the special trained dogs.

Now I have new mini students! Some kids from the Community house want to learn Spanish. Although I’m not really good with kids, but I try to make the lessons fun with games and for now we are having fun.

Every day is starting to be more lively