This week was full of events. The police, the ambulance and other official institution came to our Community House. Don t misunderstand, there wasn t any incident :) . We also had some guests from Macedonia. A group of 20 young people visited Nyiregyhaza through a youth exchange program.
 The official institutions came to us to show a bit of their work. The local police station brought a traffic simulator and shew us the special forces department. I tried the traffic simulator, it was fun, I had to drive a motorcycle.
Despite the fact that I have a driving license for cars, I made a few mistakes, it s a different thing to ride a motorcycle in a virtual traffic. The Macedonian guests also tried out the traffic simulator, it was a great experience for them also.
Another cool thing we saw is the activity of the ambulance. The doctor whew some basic techniques to use when someone is unconscious. I learned that the first seconds are crucial in this kind of situation. I also had the chance to try this out, and to at least learn some basic skills.

 Another cool thing was the police staff presentation. Their was a gun presentation and a dog demonstration.We also had the chance to pick up the guns, learn the correct position when shooting, and learning how to unlock a gun. The police officers explained their job, how they work, what is their daily routine.
The demonstration with the police dog was also great. I finally found out how dogs are trained to find the drugs in a car, or a in a house.
Our students who attend the English classes, this week had the chance to talk with foreign people and test their English skills.