Last week we got back on track, and continued with our work. More and more people is interested in our activities. It looks like a new group of people will start to learn Spanish, and the guitar group is expanding as well. It is good to see that our proposals have an impact, and people want to come and learn something new.
Last week I decided to visit the Josa Andras Museum.
Finally I found out who was Mrs. Josa Andras and what he did for the city. His worked as a doctor in Nyiregyhaza, studied in Vienna and always tried to motivate people to live a healthy life. Besides his activity as a doctor, he also created a museum with archeology materials. He also studied the ancient period of this region and brought to the population many valuable findings which prove that Nyiregyhaza has been populated from the ancient period. 
Another cool thing I experienced last week is the Aquapark. I had a good time, as you can see on the picture, the slides are really cool and extreme.