The last week was different from all the others. It was different because, we spent 5 wonderful days in Budapest, in a hotel, having our Arrival Training. The weather was good, the hotel alright and the trainers gave their best. I have to be honest, at the beginning, I thought it s gonna some boring sessions, and talks, but day by day I have seen and experienced that it is about something totally different. The training itself started with a scene from the Hungarian history, this way we could have understand better the country where we work.
On the first day we did a kind of team building thing, all of us had to find with each person 3 common characteristics. I have to say, this was my favorite part. It was so exciting to talk with new people and try to find those 3 common things. You can really get to know a great part in someone s personality like this. On the first day as I mentioned, we saw a scene from the Hungarian history. With the small theater play the trainers tried to show us that during the Hungarian history there was always a kind of dilemma about the countries' future, parties and leaders had totally different views on this. The trainers explained to us, that today in Hungary, the issue is the same, the political parties today  cannot agree on anything. Day by day the trainers went briefly through some Hungarian history moments. What I liked about the beginning of the training is that we had to write down our expectations and our concerns about the training week, and at the end of the week we could see if our concerns and expectations have fulfilled or not.
The trainers prepared lot of surprises for us, one of them was presenting Hungarian and Romanian traditional dance.
It was beautiful to sing and try to dance this kind of traditional Hungarian dance.
Another cool thing on the training where the interactive activities. One of our topic was how to have a good conflict management. With this topic I learned to try to find the deeper reason why someone would talk angry with me, or be upset.
During the week we also learned about the EVS program in general, about how we have use our health insurance, it was very useful.
Was I also really loved was visiting Budapest with my new friends. It was awesome to discover Budapest with an interactive questioner. At the end of the day when we visited Budapest, we all met up in the citadel and had a very good time. We had drinks, a guitar and good mood. What else do you need? It was awesome, below you can see it on the video. We had a good time. The last was also fun and sad in the same time. We had to say goodby to our new friends, but the good thing is that we keep in touch and visit each other.