Las weekend a piece of Spain came to visit Hungary.
My two best friend, Sandra y Nuria made: a 4 hours trip to Madrid, then took a 3 hours plane to Budapest and a 3 hours train to Nyiregyhaza just to be me. You cannot imagine how happy and exited I was to see them. I guess they were also happy, although when they arrived it was raining and cold,they were really hungry.
I show them the city a little bit, and the most important part:the pubs.
One important thing the people should know about spanish people is that they always speak really loudly, fast and laugh a lot. And that's what happened at Blues Cafe. We were sitting, catching up when a group of local people looked at us and told us that we speak too quickly for them. After Blues Cafe we discovered the best hamburguer in Nyiregyhaza, and for my friends the best hamburguer they ate in their life (of course, we were exaggerating a lot). Still, it was cold so we didn't stay long.
In the next morning we took the train to Budapest! After getting lost, finding our flat and leaving our stuff we went to the Central Market to see the stands and eat typical hungarian food. And it happens with anyone: when you see a lot of delicious food you cannot help but to order a lot of dishes. And that's was our situation,we got 2 kg more fat with this lunch.

On saturday we went to do the "Free tours" on morning. It's a good way to discover the city and it's story. There is a lot of them around the city, anyone can find them on internet.We were lucky to do a free tour in spanish. The first one we saw the part of Pest and went after to Buda, specifically the Castle Hill. Our guide was a funny woman and the people were really nice. The second tour was about the Jewish and Communism history of the city. We were shocked about the situation the jewish lived back at that years. We saw the Big Sinagoga From Outside. It's beautiful, but what I liked the most is the metal tree it have,were each leave represents the people who died as a victims of the Holocaust. The monument is beautiful and at the same time sad.

There is also another monument in honor of Miklós Horthy, an warleader who allied Hungary with the Nazi Germany, and even helped with to deport a lot of Jewish people. Of course, a lot of people are against this monument: they put stones in memory of the victims and posters in different languages about the story.
After such a long day, we had dinner in a really nice restaurant. We tried the Goulash soup, chicken paprika, and typical hungarian noodles...and after that we ate cheese soup because it's amazing! I recommend itto anyone. And of course, it was my friend's birthday so we also had cake. In conclusion we gained again like 4 kg.

On sunday morning we went to Szimpla. One of the famous "ruin pubs" in Budapest. During the morning there is a market inside, were you can buy natural food. We Bought some cheese made in ashes (sounds bad,but actually the taste is good) and bread and went to spend the day to Margaret Island. 
We rented three bikes and wanted to explore the island with them, when suddenly a heavy rain started. We had to hide under a tree in the middle of nowhere for almost one hour. After that, the sun came out and we could eat some langosch and enjoy the day. The afternoon we tried to relax in the Szechenyi Baths. And I said tried because there was a lot of people there! Every pool was full, and it smelled so strange!...The building was beautiful, but still I didn't like it there. 

Our las dinner was in a Jewish restaurant, Mazel Tov. The place is amazing and there was a singer performing live. And the food was really good. We order five different dishes.
And that was our weekend in Budapest. In conclusion, we ate a lot and got fat, discover more about Hungary and had a really good time together.

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