This week was with full of events. At the beginning of the week I participated in the Family day project. This event was organized in the Erdei Park area of he city.
Many families came out and checked our event. The kids had a lot of fun. The main goal was to offer valuable option for families to have fun. We had quite a lot of activities and alternatives for the kids.
It was fun watching the kids playing and just being happy for the moment. The parents and grandparents as well had a good time.
Besides this, the guitar classes are going ok, more and more people are interested in learning this instrument. We are starting to move from acoustic guitar to electric guitar. One of my student is interested in learning how to use a guitar processor. It will be really fun to teach him how to create effects and sounds he would like. This way he can do experiments with the instrument and find the suitable sound he needs for a specific song. Hope to continue this class and I will really happy when I see my student editing his own sound effect.