This week was full of events. We went to the city center several times and spread leaflets regarding our activities at Human-Net Foundation. People where interested and open to our offers.  The frame we made was very popular among the people in streets. Many wanted to make a photo with the frame. We even visited schools and promoted our summer programs for small kids. The kids where very enthusiastic and wanted to make photos with the frame as well.
The foreign language clubs are growing, we have more people who want to learn Spanish or English. We are very proud that people want to come and learn from us. Many parents come to our Community House and ask about our programs. It s good to know that parents want to send their children to fun activities. I think many people understood the importance of learning new languages and taking the chance to talk with foreign people.  As the photo shows, the frame is a big success, more and more people want to take a photo with it.
Our preparation for the summer activities is coming to an end. We finally placed the language puzzles on the wall where children can take a look and see a specific word written in 6 different languages.Step by step we are making things better and more attractive. It was quite a pleasant surprise to see people who already know Human-Net Foundation, and who speak English or Spanish.
I like the progress we made by now, I hope it will be better and better, and people who come to our activities will like it.