This time, Me and Szabolcs travelled to Budapest for on arrival training. It's mandatory for all the EVS volunteers.

On this training we were 15 different people form different countries. But, I was lucky! There was 7 from Spain, and even one of the trainers spoke in spanish. I was so happy! Usually I always speak in English and have to think how to say it in a proper way, so it was relaxing to speak without thinking.

Every morning we started with a small performance of the trainers (Balasz and Julia) about the history of Hungary: about  Árpád, king Matthias and more.

On Monday, after the brief history lesson, we did activities to know each other better and to present ourselves. We talked about our hobbies and interests and had to find common things with the others. I found out that a lot of them are fan of Game of Thrones.
Also, we made a poster presenting your project: about the organisation, our activities, what we like and the difficulties we have. Of course, during the night we had our first beer!

On Tuesday, we focus more on the different parties in the EVS projects: sending organisation, host organisation, National Agency, the volunteer and the mentor. We made a group of 4 people and had to think about the obligations and expectations of each one of them, and after we made a diagram in a big paper. We also learnt about the role of the "Tutor" and "Mentor" in the project, what is their job and their tasks.
After dinner, there was a surprise! A group of folk dancers came to explain to us the traditional dance of different parts of Hungary and Romania. It was so fun! It was great to see them dancing, and even we tried a few steps!.

At night we went to a pub near the hotel. We talked a lot, when suddenly a crazy idea came to our mind: We want to swim in the Danube River. I don't know if it was the beer or the nice mood we had, but at 2 A.M we went to the river to swim. At first only two girls were brave enough to get inside, because they had so much fun there me and another friend decided to get inside also. After that, two more guys joined us. It was an amazing experience!.

Thankfully on Wednesday I wasn't sick. We had a visit from the National Agency. They listen to our questions and experience and answer them. It's good that we could speak to them.
In the afternoon we went to explore Budapest!. In groups we choose where we want to go: holy places, parks, libraries or to Buda Castle. I choose the parks. I went to the Heroes Square and the Margaret Island. It was nice to enjoy the fresh air.
We met all together to have a dinner in a fancy restaurant and after that our crazy group went to the Citadela to drink and have so fun. It was great, the people, the mood, singing half of some songs (because we don't knew all the lyrics). Finally, a few of us stayed to have more drinks. I still don't know if it was a smart idea or not. We went to "Szimpla" pub, to dance a little bit so it was great, but after we had to fet to the hotel: more than one hour to get there at 4 am. I was so tired, and we had to woke up at 8 in the morning for the activities.

After only 3 hours sleep, on Thursday I felt like the zombies from "The walking dead". This day, in the morning we practice our communication and conflicts management. I confess, I get angry easily, so it was really useful for me. And in the afternoon we saw a video about some advices to learn a language more faster, because we all complained about the difficulty of the hungarian language.
At night we organised a farewell party: we bought some drinks, and sat down in the garden of the hotel. It was a little bit sad to think that it's our last night, but still we spent a good time together.

Our last day, on Friday with a little bit of energy left our activities were focused on talking about what we liked or not in the training. Most of us said a lot of positive critics. And after that we wrote to each other some of words, like: I like you!or I enjoyed my time with you!.

Sadly, it finished on Friday And had to go back. But definitely we will see each other again!!
And I didn't say good bye to the wonderful city of Budapest because I will return with more adventures with my friends from Spain.

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To be continued....