It's been already two months and 12 days since I arrived here, and after our hard work during this time we can see some results!!

As I said before, we were doing a dictionary to decorate the Community House. It was hard to make it and really elaborate but I'm proud of our work.
It has the form of puzzle pieces. In the center it's in hungarian language and the rest are in English, Spanish, French and German.

I wrote the words in Spanish, Szabolcs in French and Andrea in German. It was curious to discover some similarity between some words and a big difference between others. We have in total 28 puzzle pieces with different colors. I know we are the one that made it, but I have to say it looks really good.

We also finished the frame so the people can take pictures with it. We went to the Kossuth square to give some of our leaflets, promoting the activities in the Community House and we took with us the frame. Most of the people were shy but a few youngsters liked it and took pictures with this, especially small kids.

Now we have more, new projects with new raw materials!

But not next week. This Monday, Szabolcs and me we are going to Budapest for on arrival training!. It's part of the EVS programm. We will meet new people form different countries. Hopefully we'll have a good time!