This week had an amazing start. We went to the city center, there where concerts and the final event was a symbolic request towards the children who are missing. It s sad, but this is the reality, yearly over 12000 children in Hungary disappear, the parents don t know anything about them. The concerts where very good, I heard my favorite songs. The moment when everyone let go the balloons was breathtaking. 

Another interesting thing we have done this week is visiting two high schools. We had a workshop about the offensive speech  or some call it the hate speech. It s a very sensible topic, but we have to talk about this too. The pupils filled out a questioner regarding hate speech.

The results where quite interesting, pupils are quite aware of this phenomenon. Besides this topic, we also presented to the students the EVS opportunities and the International Youth Exchange Project. It s good that they know from now, what are their opportunities, how can they develop their potential, and how can they earn some real life experience. I hope many will try the EVS experience in the future.
 I was happy that many pupils came to our table and asked about EVS opportunities. The frame we made was awesome, many pupils happily stood and made photos, and not just pupils as you can see below.


The new thing I did last week, was visiting families and giving them food; listening to their problems gives a different perspective about life.