Finally I did my first trip to an other city in Hungary: I went to Miskolc!!!

It's the fourth biggest city in Hungary, and is beautiful!. I stayed with a friend of mine who lives there, and she showed me around the city and all the perfect places to go.

I arrived on Thursday, and went directly to the Spanish Club, where I could meet a lot of people who talks in spanish. It was great!. They are really friendly, and they showed me the different pubs. Slowly the spanish club became a spanish party.

On friday, finally my wish came true: I could eat fish!. Here in Hungary I realised that it's not so common to eat fish and it's really expensive. But this restaurant's speciality was trout fish. They raise their own trout in a special place, and then cook them in their kitchen. I didn't try a better fish than this. We were lucky, and the person in charge of raising the fish showed us how they do it. They have like eight pools with different size of trouts, from new borns to the perfect size to eat it.

The only problem about this place, is far from the city center, in Lillafüred. It's a small place in the mountain Bükk. Two friends from there showed me around, and we saw a small waterfall, some monuments and a beautiful hotel. We also visited the Anna-Cave. Sadly, the explanation was in hungarian, but the place inside was amazing and a little bit claustrophobic.

After going around all day, we still had energy to go to Irie Maffia concert!
I never heard about them, and was surprised to see how amazing they were. In my opinion the music was a mix of rap with some reggae, although sometime I heard some dubstep. I danced a lot, jumped with the music and had a really good time! I became a fan of them. Hopefully I could go to another of their concert.

After such a crazy day, the next one we went to the Cave Bath, to relax and swim. The place is so unique with its thermal karst water. The temperature was perfect. And you never guess who we saw there!!! The band Irie Maffia! It looks like they had the same idea to relax there after the concert. I couldn't bring with me my phone or camera for obvious reasons, so I don't have pictures of this place.

My last day was walking around the city, enjoying the afternoon. I saw the famous wooden church, the cemetery, and to the tower to see the landscape.
I really like that city and the people I met there. Thank You guys for the amazing time!