It is said that together is easier to accomplish things in life. This week we advanced so much in preparing some materials for the kids who gonna come this summer to our Community House. We want to give them a wider perspective on how to spend the summer days in a more efficient way.The idea is to learn something useful while they are playing, we want them to be more social, to come up with creative ideas when it comes to play outside, and try to figure out things with less tools.We would like to show the kids, that their is life outside of computers too. I hope we will succeed and I hope these kids will get use to play more outside and be more social.
Another good thing that happened this week, is that we managed to take the foreign classes to a next level. We managed to implement new ideas for an effective learning, and our students are beginning to like this. We chose some songs and talked about it, tried to find the unknown words. We watched clips on Youtube about topics that are interesting for them, we talked about, the students expressed their opinions, views, this way they are improving their vocabulary week by week. 
 This week brought me the first person who wants to learn guitar playing. I had my first class with him. Next week I m gonna have 5 more people who wants to learn guitar playing. I hope they will persevere and not give up because at the beginning learning and getting used to the strings is a painful experience, but it s worth to bear that pain. 
This week we had the last class with the students from Debrecen University. I really enjoyed these courses, I really learned a lot.We went through some intercultural exercises. The goal of these exercises was to see that different nations have many things in common, they think the same way about some issues, and they see things from the same perspective. Our task in life is to make the first step because we have more in common than we think. The last exercise what we did, was the parachute exercise.At this exercise it s very important to cooperate, this way the parachute will open correctly. I think this principle can be used in other life situations. Doing something with others is easier, and you will see things clearer.