This week I played with the parachute!!!
On Tuesday and Wednesday were our last days doing the course in the college. This time was a different group, people who are working and studying at the same time.
But this time we, the volunteers, also participated and made some activities for the students. One activity was the same as we did the previous time: you had a character, and then the trainer gives a statement. If you feel that it applies to you, you make a step. Other one was with different types of proverbs around the world, and the students had to find the equivalent in hungarian. And the third, I collected some strange customs facts around the world and they had to say if it's true or not. I think the students like it and enjoyed.
But definitely, my favourite part was with the parachute!!
We went to a garden and opened an old militar parachute. We tried to open a parachute and make it like an igloo. It took as a while but we did it! And even went inside the parachute.
I had so much fun! It was something really different, and we learnt how to work all together to reach our goal.

The rest days of the week we did our daily tasks.
Soon it's going to be summer, and the "Community House" will be more lively.