The week wasn't so excited as the previous ones, but still it wasn't so boring.
We worked with our daily tasks, preparing for the summer. And we continue with the languages classes. I had my first Spanish class!!
Now I realize the hard work that teachers do. We have to prepare materials for our “students”, make it interesting, understandable, etc.. it’s not an easy work, but for now we are handling really well.

This Wednesday we met with Roma College students. We talked about the organization and about ourselves.   I was surprised, they not only asked me the typical questions like football teams. They were interested about my country and the situation there.  We had a good time.

But, my favorite activity was what we did in the weekly course in the Debrecen Health Faculty. Imagine a situation: there is a disease on an island, with a lot of victims. And you have to be a detective and discover what cause this epidemic with only two clues. The trainers gave each person two papers with a clue (for example you are a victim with symptoms or a doctor who research about these illness) and we had to go asking others about their clues and like this discover the answer.
I like these types of games. I feel like Sherlock Holmes solving a case.
But I was disappointed with the others students. They didn't really participate in this game. They didn't stand up to talk to each other, only three persons (me included) tried to figure it out.

And sadly, we had to say goodbye to Eveliina. She finished her practice in the organization and is going back to her country. We spent a good time with her.

The end of the week was again with the animals in the shelter!. This time my dog was quite strong, it was a challenge to walk with him. But that makes it more fun!. But I not only played with the dogs, but also with the kitties. I think going to this Animal Shelter will be part of my daily life here.