Wow! This week the weather was crazy! We had sun, clouds, rain....Even in one day first it was sunny and then in one second drastically changed to rain. 
But! It didn't stop us to have a complete and amazing week.
We had our first students. They want to learn and improve english. We started by getting to know each other better, and I found out that I have a lot of things in common with them! 
We also started to prepare activities and games for kids in summer. We are still working in some ideas, but I think this summer will be busy.

And, as usuall, we had the course in the Debrecen Health Faculty College. The students started to be more interested in the activities. This time each one of us had an character, and we were told some situations: like "being afraid to tell your opinions" or "be able go out to have dinner o to the cinema more than once per month". Each time we tought we can relate with the characters we made a step forward. At the end we could see the difference of the distance we made. Then, we realised that there is a lot of people and situations that can be better or worst. 
1 OF MAY. Of course, it was a free day and in the city were some activities that people would enjoy. Sadly, the weather wasn't good and it started to rain. I went to the lake "Bujtosi". There was some rides, food stands and different types of exhibitions, like hip-hop dance or country music. Despite it was cloudy and started to rain the people enjoyed the day.
And on Sunday I went to the dog shelter. We walked the dogs for one hour more or less. They were so excited, they pulled us forward and we barely had the strength to follow them.

It was difficult to leave them there, I wanted to take all the dogs to my flat with me, but I don't think the owner would be happy with more than one hundred dogs inside.