Step by step I'm having a fix program in my daily life.
We are starting to do our projects: a dictionary to decorate the Community house, a big map of Europe, and more stuff but I won't reveal yet!. It's a surprise!

We had our second language class with new students, little by little the class is growing and it's great.

On Monday I accompanied Attila and Imre to their radio interview about the project Igen Nyiregyhaza! What was my surprise when they told me that I also would make an interview about me, my life here and the EVS. I was nervous, I kept imagining that I'm going to say something stupid or, somehow, I will break the equipment. But I didn't do it so bad (I hope so), and the woman who did my interview was really friendly, and Attila was with me translating. It was a fun experience!.

But this week was special, because it was the #europeanyouthweek. And of course, we were part of it. We went to the city center with two workers from Human-Net to give leaflets and promote the organization, Erasmus+ and EVS to other youngsters. Although the only thing I could say was: Szia! Erasmus+ program! EVS! (I think some people thought I was crazy) some youngsters were interested on it.

This Saturday we went outside the city, and explore the nature!. I went to a trip with other workers from the organisation. Even though we had to wake up at 6, I loved it! We walked more or less 10 km (but it felt like 1000 km) in the forest. So green! Such a big trees! And so many bugs! (that was the bad thing of the trip. I had a nest with a lot of bugs in my hair) Still, it was worth it.