It's been more than a month since I am here and helping the work of Humannet. The last week was full of new things and new situations. Finally we met with the students who are interested in English/Spanish classes. We had a very interesting conversation with them and they are very open to learn with us and to interact with us.I think the language classes gonna be a very beautiful and meaningful activity, I hope that I will learn new things from the participants and they will learn new things from me too.  We finally managed to make a plan for the next few months for children and teenagers. We hope through these games, the participants gonna improve their English/Spanish or French skills.
Another thing what we discovered, is an office called 'New Generation'. This office helps teenagers in finding a job, it offers free workshops for young people.We found out that this office has a good collaboration with Humannet Foundation.
They have a very wide range of activities. Not just only helping youths in finding a job, but they also have workshops about topics that aren't in the school curriculum. They go to schools and they are doing unconventional classes about certain topics like: how to find your passion, how is real life when you have to pay for your self. Besides this as you can see on the pictures, they have a quite spacious room. Teenagers can come here form 10 am to 6 pm every day , here they can play creative games, read books and come for vocational guidance. 
On Thursday we had the usual course with the students form health faculty. This week's topic was very interesting and I think it relates to each one of us. We all think differently about money, jobs, circumstances, and sometimes we distort the reality.  We played a kind of game where we had different social 'disadvantages'. The idea was that we had to move one step if we thought that we can profit from an opportunity. One person was reading these opportunities, at the end of the game many of came to the conclusion that we could have used some opportunities read by the
referee. It was an interesting exercise. For me the conclusion was that sometimes you have to take a risk and try a specific thing, even if this opportunity doesn't look so great at first. There is the old  saying: 'Even a bad decision is better than no decision'. I want to encourage my readers to consider this old saying, and try to make some decisions and leave passivity.