This week I became famous!!

Well, not really. But on Monday, me, Szabolcs and Eveliina (An Erasmus student from Finland) had an interview on KELET newspaper. They asked us about who we are, what we do, our projects, if we like here, etc. It was fun!
On wednesday we went to Hajdúböszörmény, a Care Center for disability people. There, the workers take care of them, they do a lot of craft workshops and therapy programs. All of them were really nice and friendly. We were lucky, because we could also participate in Music Therapy Program. They learn how to play the instruments, they sings all kind of songs, dance and basically having fun!. They also gave us a small present, the one that is in the picture on the right.

We were part of the "Human Library" project. The youngsters have the opportunity to meet with different types of people, like with disabilities, former alcoholics, former drug addicted, former prisoner. They could talk personally with them, in small groups, and hear their stories and thoughts. Sadly, because I still don't know how to speak in hungarian, I couldn't talk with them, but I loved the idea and I could see that the youngsters really enjoyed the time they spent.

On Friday I went to the city center because I wanted to buy something. And what was my surprise to see a festival in the city!. There were a lot of stands with typical homemade food, crafts, paintings and concerts and all type of dances (from folk dance to hip-hop). I really enjoyed that!. I also saw a concert from a famous hungarian rock band. Even though I didn't understand the lyrics I liked the music.

In conclusion, the most important experience i had was meeting with all kind of people: like the ones with disabilities and those who had a problem and could overcome it.