The last week brought us some new things. We are starting to get involved more and more in the daily activity of the Community House. It was a great experience to interact with the kids and play with them. They are really good at football playing, it was a relief for me to play, I think the last time I played football was about 7 years ago. It s a good thing to rediscover some simple and fun activities. When we played , I rediscovered the old saying:

"Time flies fast when you re having fun". 
Same thing to say about the English classes, the last one especially was very interesting and fun, our students are very open. 

Another interesting thing I had in the previous week has hiking in the mountains. The weather was just perfect, the sight is breathtaking, the characteristics of that place are just unique. We had a great time with the colleagues. We explored the place, we made a barbeque and had interesting conversations.