Hello ladies and gentlemen! 
This is Asia, again, with my second week in Nyiregyhaza. And I can say that this week was just as I expected. I'm already getting use to the city (at least I don't get lost so frequently) and the life here.
I discover new things about the organisation. This week they explained how the "debt management department" works and the "family care center".

 We were told about the finance situation in Hungary and in Nyiregyhaza. Sadly, there is a lot of people with money problems, and that's why this "debt management department" exists. It's really complete project, because they not only give advices about how to manage their income, but also help paying their credits and loans for the house or the bills for the water, gas or electricity.The "family care center" works with those people that have personal problems. I really like this department, because the workers try to find the problems within the family or person and then helps them to get through them and stand on their own feets.

On wednesday we went to Huszárvár, the Roma cultural center. This is my favourite part of this week. I discover a different culture than mine. There, they also work as a family care center. They advice people from that neighborhood, they have resource for them (like washing machine and showers for those who don't have water in their houses). They also do different types of workshops and activities.
On thursday we went to do a course in "Debrecen Health Faculty". The topic was: "Intercultural Learning". There were a lot of students from different majors. It was my first training course, and I had fun. I was be able to talk to the students and they told me about their studies, and how the college works here.

And finally I had my second language course. It's still difficult for me, especially the pronunciation. But I learnt the numbers, so now I don't have to use my fingers when I'm buying something.
As you can see, this week was quite complete.