It's been almost a month that I live in this great city. Many things happened, I encountered many new situations. For today's blog I chose the above sentence from a famous Hungarian writer: Ennek a vàrosnak voltam az írója-I was the writer of this city. I found this quotation on the wall of the city council.
This thought from Gyula Krúdy reminds me of the idea that everyone leaves a kind of 'fingerprint' in the area where he or she is doing some kind of activity. This sentence gives me the thought to say I was a volunteer for this city I was a volunteer for helping people. 

The past week was full of different events on a personal and on a social level. On the personal level I have discovered many new things about the city, about the habits in this city. On the organizational level, it was the first time when I participated in the so called 'Interactive library'. 

This was a unique experience for me, I met different people with different disabilities, and what fascinated me, is the positive attitude of these people. They managed to overcome their obstacles and have full lives. Students from different high schools came to our community house to listen and talk with our guests.  The guests shared their personal story. The high school students where very open and interested, they even asked questions, and wanted to know more and more.
Our guests gave the students very valuable lessons learned in the real life.
Returning to the first part of my blog: I was the writer of this city-says Gyula Krúdy, I was a volunteer in this city. What about you?