Hi everyone, I m Szabolcs ,an EVS volunteer from Romania. I came here on the 9 th of April. It s been a week now than I m here and I have the feeling that a bigger amount of time has passed. I guess this is how you feel when you move to new place. The city is great, I love the architect of the downtown, I love the way the parks are arranged. I see that this city is a pro bicycle city, it encourages  people to ride on bicycles.
The first day in the office was great. I met the colleagues, they are very nice people, I had a few very good conversation with them. 
One of my hobbies is to play the guitar, the organization made this possible too, and I m gonna teach others to play as well :).

 As I said, the city is great, I went out a few times with my colleagues.The pubs, restaurants are just great here.That s all for now, but later I m gonna come back with new thoughts.